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Hello again, summer season! by BlueMario1016 Hello again, summer season! :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 6 4 MM - Super Famicom outfits by BlueMario1016 MM - Super Famicom outfits :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 4 6 Mystical Monarchy - Terrorized Targets by BlueMario1016 Mystical Monarchy - Terrorized Targets :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 5 9 Marching Wonder's Liberty Bomb by BlueMario1016 Marching Wonder's Liberty Bomb :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 7 7 Red Cross Censorship address by BlueMario1016 Red Cross Censorship address :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 1 8 Mystical Monarchy - Astral Quadlic by BlueMario1016 Mystical Monarchy - Astral Quadlic :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 3 6 Fighting possessed devices...JRPG style! by BlueMario1016 Fighting possessed devices...JRPG style! :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 1 3 Phoenix Project JP-EN logo by BlueMario1016 Phoenix Project JP-EN logo :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 5 7 Warhead's Erupting Crash by BlueMario1016 Warhead's Erupting Crash :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 13 9 Friendship Sunshower! by BlueMario1016 Friendship Sunshower! :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 14 14 IKOU!! IKOU!! NIGHTRIDERS (Nightriders S1 OP1) by BlueMario1016 IKOU!! IKOU!! NIGHTRIDERS (Nightriders S1 OP1) :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 17 8 Dandigi Dan - Tetsuya Kakihara (2018 edition) by BlueMario1016 Dandigi Dan - Tetsuya Kakihara (2018 edition) :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 7 14 Aviation Ace Border Collie by BlueMario1016 Aviation Ace Border Collie :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 8 11 Playtime with Meowser by BlueMario1016 Playtime with Meowser :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 9 6 Beware of Evil (150th submission of 2018) by BlueMario1016 Beware of Evil (150th submission of 2018) :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 7 11 Mystical Monarchy - Lion's Glamor by BlueMario1016 Mystical Monarchy - Lion's Glamor :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 3 8
When you read this, it actually does mean you're not allowed to copy, steal, edit, re-post, or distribute any of my deviations without my permission. Also, you're not allowed to put in new copyrights on them or sell them as prints either, so don't even think about attempting to sell my work or let alone anyone else's work for cash. I hope you please keep that in mind.

I mean hey, you wouldn't like it if someone stole your artwork, now would you?

In short, you may not use my work in any matter without my authorization, so thank you very much.



Purple Flower by Takeuchi15 Purple Flower :icontakeuchi15:Takeuchi15 59 5
Cri'ru - Chapter 3
Cro'oto lead Kameilo to the totem—central in the village and carved from a whole tree in the likeness of a tall serpent overlooking the village.
Qua'hal, the Lacoan matron, was standing close at the base of the totem. Her face against the carved wood—Kameilo recognized the gesture as a morning prayer among the Lacoans to their god. She seemed tense and confused.
“Matron!” Cro'to called. “Kameilo is here.”
Qua'hal quickly looked up and faced Cro'oto and Kameilo. Looking at the jethi girl with recognition, she left the totem and came forward, a slightly furrowed brow over her wide, yellow eyes. The long robes she wore fluttered in the wind.
As a greeting gesture, Qua'hal and Kameilo outstretched their arms and touched the backs of their hands together.
“Raakua, little one,” Qua'hal told her. “Warm welcomes.”
“Thank you,” Kameilo answered, surprised and grateful that the Lacoans were treating her unexpectedly well.
:iconferroth:Ferroth 2 0
Cri'ru - Chapter 2
“Ready?” Kameilo asked Nukoo.
Nukoo faced her, a strap of leather in his jaws, and nodded.
Grasping the arrow in Nukoo's hip, Kameilo pulled.
Nukoo jerked and proceeded to writhe dramatically!
“Easy, now!” Kameilo tried calming him, applying pressure to his wound with a clean wool cloth. He was bleeding profusely and she could tell he was in tenfold as much pain after she withdrew the arrow. It had come out roughly—a surprising trait for a rikiti arrow—and she saw the bloodied head was barbed wickedly.
Streams of tears were pouring from Nukoo's eyes and he was breathing hard—his whole body jerking and flinching in agony.
“Nukoo, I'm sorry!” Kameilo told the winged Krahn. “The arrowhead was barbed. I didn't know.” She ran her nimble hand over his head and neck gently. “Shhh...” she hushed, “relax, now. The worst is over.”
Nukoo bit the leather hard, whilst Kamielo stroked his face. “Shhh...
:iconferroth:Ferroth 2 0
Feast of Fools by 0laffson Feast of Fools :icon0laffson:0laffson 331 87 Warthunder (not the game) by Rahptorr Warthunder (not the game) :iconrahptorr:Rahptorr 11 6
Cri'ru - Chapter 1
Weary and dazed, Kameilo opened her eyes to see the warm red campfire dancing and sparking in front of her—the same she had started earlier this morning before sunrise. She was no longer dreaming, and was back in the forest trenches of the Nahali Valley—not the snowy mountains of the North.
“It couldn’t have been the Oca,” Kameilo said to herself, her young bewildered voice breaking the silence of the morning. “Not that time. The Oca can’t become so distraught. They know Neako’s future, its past, and the secrets of the present. Nothing catches them off guard,” She wiped her eyes with her four-fingered hand. “It must only have been a nightmare.”
She breathed, taking in the fragrance of Nahali pine, which filled the air. Turning her eyes to the east, she saw the sun was peaking over the cliffs, though veiled by the morning fog. The fog dense it was hard to see past her hut and hammock close by. The air was cold as well as
:iconferroth:Ferroth 3 2
Pride of the Apes by Colorgasmatic Pride of the Apes :iconcolorgasmatic:Colorgasmatic 7 8
Cri'ru - Prologue
Kameilo was having a dream—a calm one. She didn't see anything but blackness, but she heard the sounds of the wind's gentle gales over the snowy mountains in the north—the same mountains where the elder Oca clan had spiritually adopted her.
“Little one,” a voice called to her from one of the Oca elders. “Little one from the stars, we have been thinking of you.”
The voice was gentle and comforting, and its spoke as though the elder was right beside her. The Oca often spoke to her in these dreams via their mystical powers.
“You have been withdrawn for several days now. Nukoo, our liaison, tells us so,” the elder's voice said. “Have you been troubled again?”
Kameilo had been troubled, indeed.
“I’m homesick, again,” she answered in the dream.
“You miss your others.”
“Yes. The islands. The sea. The five bright suns in the sky. My family and clan. The people of Neako banned me from their festivals
:iconferroth:Ferroth 2 6
Kilik (Evil Seed) by the-fire-prince Kilik (Evil Seed) :iconthe-fire-prince:the-fire-prince 15 1 Le Practice Drawings by the-fire-prince Le Practice Drawings :iconthe-fire-prince:the-fire-prince 53 16 Unit 2B by the-fire-prince Unit 2B :iconthe-fire-prince:the-fire-prince 16 2 The Umbra Witch by the-fire-prince The Umbra Witch :iconthe-fire-prince:the-fire-prince 37 14 Garfield turns 40! by the-fire-prince Garfield turns 40! :iconthe-fire-prince:the-fire-prince 29 12 Down in the Underground by ShaneWolfrik Down in the Underground :iconshanewolfrik:ShaneWolfrik 16 12 Soldiers at Rest by Kooshmeister Soldiers at Rest :iconkooshmeister:Kooshmeister 4 3 STAR WARS With RIAN JOHNSON In A Nutshell by Cambion-Hunter STAR WARS With RIAN JOHNSON In A Nutshell :iconcambion-hunter:Cambion-Hunter 6 15
This shows tons of what I find to be very interesting artworks, stories that I have added. Check some of them out!


It's been a while since I posted a journal. Now I got over more than 125 submissions in 2018 and here's what I got for this achievement. By now, I have more. For this milestone, we have Blue, Pink, Thiotl and a reflection of Uirgae in a background of what appears to be Uirgae's Castle in the Mystical Monarchy series.
Ring of the night (125th submission of 2018) by BlueMario1016
June is now starting. Summer's around the corner as of this time here. I've been having it rough last weekend, near the end of May during Memorial Day Weekend. I'd rather not speak about it publicly, because it'd be too devastating. And it'd be bringing self-embarrassment. It also doesn't help that there's storms going on in my own home as well, and things haven't really been getting much better. It frightens me to say the least. Again, I can't speak publicly about that, as I want to keep to myself. Otherwise, whatever I mention, it can be used against me in the future.

My teeth has been healing up pretty good. Well, the tooth that has that condition where it was trying to eat itself away. On that week I announced the last journal, I was given medicine that makes me sleepy that I had to take prior to going to the medial center where the dentist office is. And the medicine helped and they were able to save my tooth! But I must go one last time this Thursday to make sure that they can still clean the last of what's remaining that's making my tooth feel that it's eating itself away. As I said, I have no cavities. I take good care of my teeth as what we're all supposed to be doing.

More artwork will be made when I do them. And since I have a PayPal now, I guess I can now do commissions. Though, it may be very limited given what I have and who I can trust. I know it wouldn't be right to limit, but I need to think of a good strategy. For now, I need to hold them off. Because I am still really iffy myself about this. I'd like to mention more information, but as I said, I need to be self aware of what I put up. It'd disappoint some that read this, but it's for my own good.

That's all I got now. See you in the next journal. Hope you guys are all doing well!

- Blue out.
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Nicholas "Nick"
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello, I am BlueMario1016, but everyone here likes to call me Blue for short, as my official online nickname. I am a fellow user on deviantART and some certain other websites. I've came here to make new friends and have fun as well by expressing myself and showing what I can really do. I love to do art as well, as I learn to improve on from my skills and fulfill my experience. Out of most art genres, anime art seems to be my favorite type, since I am inspired to do art usually in that particular style. I may have some problems, but I would like to be successful and respected in life, and I don't want others to feel pity on the problems I have, whatsoever, because that would be wrong. My account was hacked here once, so if it ever happens again, that won't be me saying all those mean things.

I am proud to be an Italian-American. :iconitalianflagplz: :iconamericanflagplz: :peace:

I also now have a personal PayPal created with a separate email. I can only buy from friends as of now. Though, If I do plan to open commissions soon (which I don't have plans for it now), I may have to limit it to friends only, as there are plenty that I can trust. But don't expect me to do this, all the time. Because I need to save my cash for important things as well.


BlueMario1016 has started a donation pool!
1,282 / 2,400
If you got some extra points to spare and a chance, Please help donate points. I appreciate it, if you do. :)

Reached 1200 points from Goal Level 4
Pool Goal Level = 5
Points to reach = 2400

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