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All this week I am now off for spring break. I haven't done so well with my algebra as it's a major pain to get good at. But thanks to a few friends, they are just about trying to do their best to get me on the right track into hoping that I can do well with the next remaining tests throughout the semester.

First things first. My grandmother has gone back with my Uncle. She's been getting more better and is now able to be back, while me and the rest of my family still have to take care of things ourselves. Although there were some problems that have happened between us, and it's best if I don't bring it up publicly. But after the longest time of doing everything in our power to take care of her, she got all the support that she needed and is now able to get everything back in control. But about the lawsuit, we may still consider to take it into action for later on. I am currently doing my own thing, but I still need to keep my studying for my next algebra test.

Just the other day, Nintendo has revealed their next console to the entire world for launch. The Nintendo Switch. It's mainly marketed as a home console, but it's actually a "hybrid" tablet, that serves as a home console and a handheld. The sales are actually doing really well for a start, thanks to the likes of Super Bomberman R (even though I thought Konami stopped caring about making traditional games, apparently, this will be their first one in a while) and probably the most anticipated Zelda game of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It was to be a Wii U exclusive but it got delayed twice. And now it's available as a Wii U game and a launch title for the Nintendo Switch. Honestly, Nintendo done goofed with the Wii U. Little to no third party support, not enough interesting games to check out, weak hardware and an overall poorly marketed console. The Nintendo Switch did do better with it's marketing, but it still needs to get more stuff if Nintendo really wants to succeed in the business to stay afloat and keep the customers that care for the company in their trust. With all those crazy fanboys kissing Nintendo's butt no matter what bad mistake they make, will NOT I repeat, will NOT help them, and it won't help for any company at all, whatsoever. I won't be getting a Nintendo Switch just yet, and I may just pick up Breath of the Wild on the Wii U, despite confirmations that it will only run at 720p at with the Switch version running at 900p when being played on a TV. Both versions run at 30 FPS and it was maintained for Nintendo to aim for, during development.

They went back to using game cartridges thanks to the use of USB Sticks, SD cards and other flash media, those limits are no longer there. Cartridges are now a lot more capable of storing so much more space than it used to. Sadly, it can only store up between 1-32 GB of space. Although 32 GB is slightly more than a single-layer Blu-Ray disc which only goes up to 20 GB. Plus, the save data is written into the console's internal memory, not onto the cartridges themselves. And having only 32 GB worth of save data onto the console, seems very low compared to other consoles. Yeah. That's pretty bad. But that can be resolved by having an SD card that can store lots more extra space. But too bad you gotta pay extra money for it! :( Hope you have more than enough money because not only will you pay a fortune for SD cards, but the accessories and controllers too. And on top of that, Nintendo Network's online service will be charging you yearly when the fall comes. But the good sign is that, indie games can help the Switch be afloat as it's now more friendly to them and it can handle the Unreal Engine pretty well, as I researched and watched videos of. There's a lot more I can talk about, but I will leave that for a separate journal.

The next thing I want to announce is that, I now opened up my very own Discord Server. And if anyone wants to get a link to access it, you will have to ask me first directly and send me a note about it. If you are deemed trustworthy and you can actually maintain yourself well, then I will give the link to you in a private note. Friends can come too, and we currently have three mods that are moderating the server, with myself included of course.

And last but not least is that, I have 50 art pieces created and submitted in 2017! Here's a nice little poster of Mystical Monarchy in honor of that, guys! :)
It Begins... (50th submission of 2017) by BlueMario1016

That's it for now. Please stay tuned for more of my content when it comes in the future.

- Blue out.
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Unlikeable to the maximum by BlueMario1016 Love's Termination by BlueMario1016 Missing in Melancholy by BlueMario1016

UGH!!! GOOD LORD!! What a crazy month! I can't believe I have to make another unexpected journal about my misfortunes!  The beginning of 2017 has been really disgusting for me and my family! I had a major writer's block and could not write anything throughout the majority of this month. I've been having it really rough this month and has brought me to this wrecked state. But I've been trying to get better and recover. I sorta have the feeling that the negative influence from 2016 has somehow slipped into this year. Not only has my reality life bummed me out, but my online life as well. With the latter, there were quite a number of people that have cut contact with me throughout the mid-end of January and throughout the month of February. I know a lot of people don't like to read negative things whenever it's public or not, so if this really concerns you and irks you in the wrong way, I recommend you not read this and turn away. NOW.

I don't feel like naming any names but please, just bare with me. It's times like this when I just wish to myself that I can go back in time and prevent all this from happening and it all began at the mid-end of January where I overlooked a friend's messages on Skype one day. It was about an audiobook he listened to and how he enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I had other things in the way and I have been infamous for overlooking messages. So sadly, I didn't reply back. And then after noticing I was removed from his list, I had to re-add him and apologize for not getting back to him and to prevent him from thinking that I wasn't interested. I wanted to make it up to him by wondering what it was about. So he actually gave it to me via e-mail as an Amazon gift. The problem however was that, I never had an account to begin with. And I never knew that I had to get it with an account. Therefore, I was unable to claim the free gift and that really made him think that I had no interest in taking part of what others like and "real conversations don't seem to be my thing." I felt terrible for not getting it. He also mentioned that I only spoke whenever I felt sad or something troubled me. But because I was in a frenzy, I was going too ahead of myself before concluding that yeah, he believes there's something wrong with me. So he blocked me off. This whole thing was just wrong. It emotionally brought me to a heartsinking state and I had to send two long sincere apology notes to him to not only show how sorry I am for doing what I did, but to also make clarifications to prove otherwise and to hope that I'd get a second chance, but he didn't reply back. Looks like I lived up to what I feared of what he said, and that is I am this "careless dishonest person." I can't say that I was completely innocent on everything, but it's times like this where I just wish there would be some that can view both sides of stories. I personally believe that this is a mere misunderstanding.

And for earlier this month, I wanted to hope that I was able to get back with a few people, but it seemed that they shared zero interest and basically said that they don't feel best interested with me around. I was even labeled as this "obsessive creepy stalker" and "vampiric drain," by one of them. That really got into me. And it really made me feel like if I was less of a human. Although I myself am to blame for half the stuff, because of my mistakes that got my path to be led towards where I am now. And it hurts. I guess to some, there IS no second chances. I wanted to make replies back after they voiced how they are not pleased with me, but I was too afraid that I might get a red-flag and possibly suspended or flat-out banned altogether for so-called "harassment and spam." I really wanted to work things out, but from what I can see, things were already as good as gone to recover, according to them. Once you make a bad first impression or something that is so bad it can leave a wrecked condition that could never heal, it can ruin any opportunity you can possibly make in the future, knowing that the past will remind you or even come back to haunt you, from your previous misdeeds, whenever they were unintended or so. :(

Another friend that I knew close also removed me off about a week ago and I am not sure when he'll come back for me, but all I know is that he probably feels annoyed. Soon afterwards, more situations with other friends came encircling around, as if I am in this loop. I did not want to be in that position, but things happen. Whenever good or bad. Valentine's Day for me, was just a regular day. But because of what happened prior to that day, it made me feel that I was unloved. At this time, I felt like there was no light at the end of this long, cold, dark and gritty tunnel. It's like as if, no hope was there for me left.

There is a bright side to this though, however. And this can maybe begin to light up a path that can help get out of this tunnel. I am glad that there's friends willing to be there for me and show they care. And I am grateful for them to be by my side. I now realize that even just a few friends is strong and powerful enough to fight through the gloom and dooms. As well as time itself.
I seem to be doing just fine with my English class, but for my algebra class, it's a disaster in regards to tests. Everything else in regards to online homework, I seem to be doing fine with that. Not many people in my family took algebra and I may have to get extra tutoring on Tuesday just before my second test comes the next day. Well, I got that settled for that day before taking it. I still have a long way to go, as it's been just about a month now since my sixth semester began. I will be having spring break when March comes so....yay?

But other than that, I seem to somehow repeat the same mistakes. A lot. Of course, it's not my intention. However, I sometimes just can't seem to overcome the things that people don't like. And that needs to change. But I also wish people were not so harsh as they are. I am just gonna stop here, before that line gets crossed. So until the next journal comes, I'll just have to resume on getting better and hope that I can have a happier and brighter future when that arises nearby.

To those that were always there for me, I want to sincerely thank you so much for your support. It really means a lot to me, and I am glad that you're always understanding and always encouraging me to never give up for what I believe is right. And that continues, we can truly find the light at the end of this tunnel.

Well, later guys. Blue out.
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We come to a close to conclude January. I can't make this journal too long, as I gotta sleep for tomorrow due to college class. My fourth and final journal for this month.

Class is now in session and I am in the process of getting passed my sixth semester. Although I have not done anything big just yet, I will soon get to the roots as time goes by. Starting next week is when I will be assigned with my first out of class essay and I got my first Math test since I am taking algebra.

An update about what happened with my grandmother. She just came out of the hospital a few days back and she's doing fine now. But as for this time, we now need to help her more than ever before. She's having a hard time walking and she can't seem to do much as she did before, prior to what happened. And we also still need to care-take her dog for another couple weeks as well. And we still need to see what we'll do in regards towards the neighbor that hit my grandmother. I do know that we still plan to press charges and take legal action for what happened. Her car wasn't supposed to be facing backwards to begin with, as driveways that go down a hill, they need to be facing down directly.

We were supposed to get my grandmother a new place for her to live by March that is closer to us, but I am not sure if that's going to happen, considering that she can not live by herself. Not after from what happened, especially either.

In the meantime though, I can try to make more art since so far, things are starting off slow while I am in class, but things will get harder as time goes by, so if I am not doing any art as much as I was before, that will be the reason why. Or if not, it may be because I am doing other things such as helping my family around my home or may be doing other activities. I am a very busy young man giving a hand to others and it may be tiring, but I am usually the only one that can help. My two older siblings now have their own homes and it's just me, my twin sister, my mother, stepfather and grandmother at home. We must do what we can to help out my grandmother for the time being until then. She still needs support even after she got out.

That's all I am gonna write down for right now. I'll update more for later.

- Blue
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Community College Career Semester 6 Start by BlueMario1016
Tomorrow morning, I head back to college for my sixth semester.

Last semester was pretty challenging as I was now actually getting real credits for my grade. Semester 6, I gotta do Intermediate Elementary Math and a second English Composition class, in order to pursue my career towards game design. I kinda felt like my winter break was already over so soon as I knew it. But it's been over a month since I have been away from class.

I'll only be going twice a week, but I will be taking both classes on those two days, which are Mondays and Wednesdays. I currently have no plans if I am going to be taking a summer class after that. But I was unable to do one originally in May of 2016 when it got cancelled due to low enrollment and that disappointed me, considering that I had to finish a math class, but couldn't. And on top of that, the curriculum changed at that time when I went for the Fall of 2016. But fortunately, it was actually easier. But since I am now taking a new math class, I think it might be a lot harder. I better be sure that I am focused straight onto studying on that as well as my English classes. I passed all the English classes that I was assigned to do so far, and I am not giving up! In between the two classes, I can go for tutoring to get extra help needed.

I am pretty nervous as what will happen when I step my foot into the campus tomorrow, considering what will happen regarding the environment. Ever since the U.S. elections aftermath came around, things have not been the same for me in regards to being around. I kinda fear that there will be something crazy and wild, but I can't say that or think it. Otherwise it just might happen.

But what should be important is that, your best wishes are definitely what I'll appercicate and would be in my highest consideration. I'll be happy to those who are to do that. Please. Thank you to all my friends, fans and supporters who have helped me and got me this far to where I am. And I mean that in the most sincere way possible. Throughout these years, I am like a light that has braved through the shadows and reached to the end to come so far. And with that said, it'll make the impossible become possible and make the invisible become visible! You guys are all the best and I love you all! And together, we'll get even bigger and stronger! :D :hug:
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It has been eleven days since I last made a journal after New Years officially began.

I don't like being so pessimistic, especially on public journals that anyone online can see, but 2017 has not been such a good beginning towards me and my family. I'm gonna tell one thing on why that's the case, with a little storytime. I think it's time to let people know what has really happened. What I am about to say may be a little shocking, but this is serious. I can't make this up if I dare tried.

OK, so my grandmother has been staying with us for almost two weeks, during my winter break. She stayed in our home for Christmas Eve and Day, as well as New Years. And we have been taking care of her a lot. My Uncle has also shown up more frequently to help us get our new rooms ready for me and my twin sister as we now have our own separate rooms, as it got done earlier this week. But unfortunately while she was walking her dog last Tuesday on the first week of the month, an accident occurred where she has been hit by a car! Within the first week towards the start of the new year, this horrible tragedy had to happen! And this wasn't just a random car hitting her! This was a neighbor of ours that did this to her! Me and my family absolutely lost our minds! Guess what else? I witnessed the event when it happened, but the sad news was that, I never knew that she was hit until my mother called me, who was in the hospital at the time that it happened, due because her left lung collapsed. I was able to look in the ambulance and there she was. She was going to be taken for treatment at another hospital. Thankfully, my grandmother is still alive and we're all very lucky that she's still living. It's a darn miracle that she is alive and she just turned 84 on Friday and it's amazes me that she was able to live. But I am beyond in disbelief that the neighbor who hit her? That stupid horrible monster of a neighbor that hit my grandmother? She's gonna be in for a real surprise once my grandmother is able to recover and get out and into a new place to live that's closer to our home, within time. She's in for a real awakening for ruining my grandmother's life! Pissed

A report has been said that my grandmother has traumatic brain damages. Her skull was fractured and her brain was bleeding when she was taken for treatment. That stupid dumbass neighbor that ran into her while walking her dog, decided to ya know....NOT TO CHECK HER REAR VIEW MIRRORS BEFORE SWITCHING TO REVERSE GEAR! :rage: I have been taking driving lessons for a while now, currently in training to get my license. My instructor has taught me to always check all mirrors, all windows and my sides before going anywhere. But this lady however? She was so impatient and probably in a rush to go freaking nowhere! People nowadays have far less chill than any other! Meanwhile as she's in the hospital, my family and I have been caretakers of my grandmother's dog, until she gets better. But I am not even sure when she will be better and I am not sure if she can even care for her dog anymore. And just by how her dog feels, he really misses my grandmother. We have been doing our best to take very good care of him and to make sure that he goes for walks and he has food and water.

Because of what happened, I haven't been doing as much as art this January as I did with last January, since I gotta help around with my family. This year and last year were two totally different times. But I am still getting back to doing more art, just before I head back to college class on Wednesday. Once my grandmother gets better, we will find a way to actually bring some sort of legal action towards the person that hit her. It was said to be an accident, but it was only because the neighbor was not paying attention to what was behind her, while she was backing up her car. So it's the neighbor's fault on her behalf. I heard that she got a ticket from what happened, but as of now, I am not sure if that's confirmed. But what we do know is this fool of a neighbor is gonna pay big time. Seriously. I show no tolerance to those that try to hurt ANYONE in my family. As for right now, our top priority is to give my grandmother the support and love that she needs, to get better. But my mother is still very angry and upset at what happened. Rightfully so too. She is home now and in good shape, but she's steamed at this event.

I can't make the journal too long, because then my anger will go all the way up to 11. And that can drive some people away. I can't really do as much rant journals as I used to, since things have changed a lot. It wouldn't be good for anger to get the best of me, but what a bad way to start 2017 for me and my family. We must do what can be done to solve these problems. But it isn't gonna be easy. This is heavy-duty business that we're into. And I can't believe of all bad things, this had to happen to us! And if there's a beginning to bad things, there has to be a light at the end of this tunnel. We're gonna get through this guys. We'll find ways to get through this. And we will find a way to bring justice to my grandmother and make her happy. After someone who has taken good care of me and my siblings back when we were very young along with our parents, we have to do what it takes to do what's needed to get her taken care of, and be sure that she gets better. I lost my grandfather when I was 14-years-old in December of 2006, and I don't want to lose my grandmother next... :tears:

Just keep me in your thoughts, everyone. And I will try to also provide more art in the meantime while I still can. Just bear with me that I can't do as much, but I will try to make what I can before the end of the month. In another meantime, wish me luck when I begin my sixth semester when it begins on Wednesday. But most importantly, I hope that my grandmother will be strong enough to recover through this. This is totally serious regarding her condition, but I just hope that within time, she'll get what's needed to help her get better. And we will do what it takes to bring the problem to authorities, if we can consider doing so. I'll see you guys later with an update.

- Blue.
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2017 Begins! by BlueMario1016
3...2...1....Midnight! Happy New Year! We've finally arrived to 2017!

Yes! Yes! We made it! After all the struggles and troubles that was 2016 that was basically a curse, we are finally able to break out of that year and reach into 2017! After all that, we're finally out of it! The curse of 2016 has finally come to an end and has come to a permanent shutdown. Well, least in the east coast of North America.

Now that we got 2017 in place and with 2016 gone, I can make myself some new resolutions. I will try to get the hang of my driving skills when I can take my road test in the month of January. I sure hope I can pass that and get my license. Wish me luck on that. And for artwork, you know for sure that I am going to keep on doing it! No doubt on that! Maybe if I am lucky, I can attempt to break my record of 222 submissions that I did in 2016. That is for another new resolution. I will also work on more projects with others to expand upon my creativity and find loads of ideas to make. I have gotten a ton of followers and new friends on 2016, which is a good thing regarding how bad 2016 was, towards many.

For those aware, me and my two very close friends :iconleothetiger: and :iconaxlreigns: are gonna get on with the crossover story hopefully. I will do the illustration work, consisting of anime images.

Now that 2017 has come, let's hope that this year can be just right. And hope that it'll be so much better than 2016 and better than 2015 as well. I mean seriously, 2016 was pretty disastrous if you think about it. That's why I dub it "The 2016 Curse."

I am now gonna end this very first journal of the year of 2017 and rest up for the first sunrise of the year.

This is Blue now saying:

Have a Very Happy New Year! :iconpresentplz: :party:

Take care and have a good night. ;)
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After the longest time, we are finally putting an end to 2016 and heading strong to 2017. So I am going to devote to make one final journal before 2017 begins in where I currently am at.

It's New Years Eve and we have less than 40 minutes before it begins.

2016 unfortunately...well, how can we say this folks? 2016 has been one of the more rougher years in forever. A lot of dilemmas have happened such as the deaths of many celebrities to the massive mess that the U.S. elections had. We also had extreme riots all over places around the world and the fact that the UK wants no part of the European Union's problems anymore hence the Brexit label has existed since they want to withdraw.  I can't say for sure that 2016 was 100% all doom and gloom.  But I will agree that 2016 was a downright cursed year. There were so many things that we didn't like about 2016. Even I didn't take it too kindly at all.

But the good parts of 2016 is that, I actually got to meet new friends and I have actually done lots more art than 2015. Last year I did 175. But after my final art piece being submitted, I have a grand total of 222 submissions in one year! I am now definitely getting so much better than before and I am happy that new watchers and followers are admiring my work for what it is. I can safely say that I have now stepped up from the intermediate level that I am currently in and into a higher rank. And that should be a good thing for anyone to acknowledge. This year's holiday project was the BIGGEST one that I ever did in my life. My biggest art project to date in my experience. 300 characters! And it all paid off really well! I say even better than 2015's project! I think I may slowly be building up to getting more of a hang towards art after all!

Let's count all the art pieces I submitted throughout all of 2016 by months. It's to show proof that I did indeed get 222 uploaded this year alone.

35 in January (which includes my ID, and that's also the most I did throughout the year)
22 in February
23 in March
15 in April
20 in May
30 in June
30 in July
16 in August
12 in September
4 in October
4 in November
12 in December

That's 222 in total. Sadly for the last three months, it was kinda of a drought because I was working on that large holiday project.

I do got something interesting for you guys for later when 2017 begins! Me, :iconaxlreigns: and :iconleothetiger: are definitely gonna put our crossover story into action and I will resume to do the illustrations. There's lot's more to come for the year!

2016 was rough compared to 2015, which granted, was a bit rough too. But it was above-average overall and compare that to 2016, it's amazing. But I would still acknowledge that I am happy that I got to meet new people this year. 2014 was disappointing a bit to me. But nowhere near as disastrous as 2012. That was the worst for me, throughout this decade. 2013 was probably the best year that I had in a while and I am glad it went well. But it didn't go without problems. The final chapter of 2016 comes to a close and we're moving onto 2017 where fireworks, spotlights, confetti and streams will all boom up and beam around the sky, once the clock hits 12!

You all take care everyone! Blue signing out! I'll appear back once 2017 begins so we can finally be rid of the 2016 curse! Happy new year to all and to all a good night! Thank you to all my friends, fans and followers for all the love and support! You're all great! I love you all! :D :iconbigheartplz:
We will be back in 2017! by BlueMario1016
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I am gonna try to make this journal as fast and detailed enough as possible before the clock strikes midnight. As a result of doing this year's holiday project featuring 300 characters, I can safely assume that after all that hard work, this must be my most successful one yet! And as a result of it, one of my friends that was included in the art AfroDragon7 has offered to give me a month of CORE Membership as a Christmas present, the other day! Thank you so much Afro! That means a lot. :hug:

I also want to make a special announcement that me, :iconaxlreigns: and :iconleothetiger: are all working together in actually writing a crossover story together along with anime art illustrations that are to be done by me. See, we have actually been planning this nifty idea since August of this year as it starts to wrap up and head to 2017. A lot of people actually want 2016 to be gone because of so many problems that have happened over the course and I can't disagree with them, safe to say. And not to mention, so much change has happened. But granted, there were a few good bright spots, but they were on occasions. But going off-topic, this crossover is titled: NRMMBL: Fusion X Genesis. (NRMMBL:フュージョンXジェネシス in Japanese) It consists of three series that would be connected in the same parallel universe. Nightriders by :iconaxlreigns:, Mystical Monarchy which is my series, and Bandmaster Leo '76 which is :iconleothetiger:'s series. That's right! A bunch of characters from those three series come together for one big epic quest to stop a new villain afoot! This is the very first time that I am actually doing art for a special story and I am very happy and lucky to be chosen to do the anime illustrations for the crossover that we all look forward to doing. As me being the official anime style illustrator for these two great friends of mine that can tell stories like how I do and have a big cast of characters, this is going to be a heaven-made match to bringing this crossover to all our friends, fans and supporters alike.....together! :D

Two prologue images are all available for viewing. The actual text of the story needs to be finalized by Axl before publishing out. English and Japanese versions of the story will be shown for it. There's also some promotional logo and concept art of the story that I've drawn earlier and you're free to check them out! The first image however was made when a title has not been finalized.
When three universes come together by BlueMario1016
NRMMBL: Fusion X Genesis JP-INT Logos by BlueMario1016
NRMMBL: Fusion X Genesis concept anime art by BlueMario1016
NRMMBL: Fusion X Genesis concept anime art piece 2 by BlueMario1016
NRMMBL: Fusion X Genesis concept anime art piece 3 by BlueMario1016

These are the two images that tell the prologue of the story to give a thought of what's happening. I plan to have a third piece.

NRMMBL Fusion X Genesis Prologue 1 by BlueMario1016
NRMMBL Fusion X Genesis Prologue 2 by BlueMario1016

That's all for now. I'll do another update later.

Blue out.
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It's that time again! The Holidays! And on behalf, the holiday project is fully uploaded! That alongside with two bonus parts!
Holiday Bells 2016 by BlueMario1016
Christophe Holiday Bell by BlueMario1016 Holiday Bells 2016 Mini Bonus by BlueMario1016
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Ramadan (if counted) and to all a happy new year to reaching 2017. Though when it comes to discussions, A lot can kind of agree that 2016 definitely was not what people have hoped. In fact, 2016 was rough for many. I know it was for me. A lot of changes have occurred, but there were some bright sides here and there. I am very happy that I found and made new friends this year, but there were a lot of rough bumps throughout all of 2016, and we can only hope 2017 can be better. I think that would need to be explained in a future journal before we wrap up 2016. But I feel that us heading on from 2015 to 2016 was only yesterday.

It does pain me to say that Christmas is almost over where I am. This Christmas was very busy and I was moving around and helping my family a lot. Me and my twin sister's rooms will be just about set by this week. Since my two older brothers no longer live with us, it's now our time to finally get our own rooms set. For presents I got for the holiday season, I mostly got new clothing as I needed that and I also got a new Casio stopwatch, some cards with money and I got Super Mario Maker............on Wii U, when I already have that version. I plan to get a 3DS version of it, since the receipt is still there. No big deal. Maybe when I go driving this week, I can head to the same location.

This year's holiday project was much harder for me to do than any other one that I did. It was the biggest challenge that I ever had have to personally take, with doing 300 characters in a single art piece. On top of that, I got two bonus images to include additional ones. Most likely because this semester was tough and it was when I really was getting credit for it, this time around I believe. And I am very glad that this project all paid off very well. But my concern is that, I am not sure if I will do a 2017 project. I've been doing these art projects for six long years since 2011, and it takes a lot of time and effort. Arguably, I am best known for making these annual art projects since a large cast of characters are drawn into the art. This year, I did 300 on the main art, with an extra one one individual piece and a mini extra to include an extra 16 characters that weren't able to fit into the main project. That leads me to a grand total of 317 characters altogether. That is wild to have that many! It was my biggest challenge that I personally have ever had to do!

A new ID, a new featured submission and maybe a new icon is bound to be made for me to use towards having next year when 2017 arises. I am tasked to do projects with others online in the future and I promise to everyone that I will make announcements about them and will showcase what we're doing.

In the meantime, I hope you all have had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This is for all of us to have a good night! ;) :iconpresentplz: :iconchristmasplz:

Blue out.
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Two big announcements coming your way!

First stop, I know it's pretty late but I just finished my fifth semester back last Monday on the 12th. I am officially done with the semester and am already set for my sixth semester when January 18th comes for it to start. I will only be going twice a week, but I will be taking two classes back to back. My next Math class and my next English class that is required to get my game designer associate's degree. And I have an art piece to collide with me finishing and passing. It was pretty difficult this semester as I am now starting to get actual credit for my work, but I managed to pull it off and succeed to move on with my next classes! An art piece has been uploaded to showcase that I passed my fifth semester!

Community College Career Semester 5 Finished by BlueMario1016

Sadly though, I couldn't take my road test last week due to me failing a trial that is needed in order to be assure that I am truly ready to take it. And I felt devastated for screwing the trial up. Have I passed, it would have shown that I got the opportunity to be ready. But hopefully and eventually, I can pass the trial and after passing the road test, I will officially get my driver's license! But I am very annoyed that my instructor never shows up and he must understand that he's being paid to take me out to go driving twice a week. Things will have to be taken to further action if this keeps happening. <_<

And for what you all have been waiting for, the Holiday Project is finally complete! It was completed at 100% just yesterday with a week until Christmas! This is not a drill. It's finally done! After taking two months and 13 days, I managed to put together the biggest holiday project yet!

Now that I finished my classes, I was able to get rest of the project done at a faster pace and successfully managed to piece this big boy up after so long. I am glad that I started early on October, so I was able to include as many characters as I possibly could. And I may consider to do a little bonus project with extra characters as well.

As of what I did last year, that was the biggest project yet. Well, now that this one is going to be released on Christmas, I think this one may break the record, due to this being four times bigger! And this was all done by one guy that is me.

The image here will be pretty big at a size of 6000x2200! That's bigger than a 4K image!

Thank you guys for all your support and your many loving wishes towards encouraging me to putting this project together. If not for you all, this wouldn't have been as big of a success as it was in the making of designing the biggest holiday project yet. On Christmas day this Sunday, the project will see the light of day for all of yous to see!

I know for sure that this will definitely bring in some love and honorship after doing all this hard work! Everyone's hearts will be fulfilled with joy and love! :)

Be on the lookout for when it comes!
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I sincerely apologize for no new journals in so long. This month has been super busy with me and my family as we're currently getting ready for the holiday season, while we are doing some cleaning around the house and making changes as well. Two of my older siblings have moved out earlier this year and as a result, me and my twin sister are finally going to be getting our own separate rooms after so long. Although it can be tough getting used to changes, I should actually be excited for it.

December is kicking off and slowly reaching it's middle point and now we're getting closer to the Holiday season. And we're close to wrapping up 2016 and heading towards 2017. As of right now, I just about completed all four essays on my English assignment and all there is left is for me to go to the Finals on Monday, the 12th! Which is tomorrow. After that day, My fifth semester ends.

As of December 11th, I am already close to finishing up this year's Holiday Project. I just passed filling in 252 characters out of 300 and by next week or so, I'll be finished with the project! Having 252 characters filled in, means that I did 5/6th of the project done if we're going by 50s, or 2/3rd of it done, if we're going by 100s. I am glad that I started as early as October 5th, because I should have spare time after finishing this year's project. This is bound to be the most grand thing that I ever did and it's bound to come out real good in the end. Maybe even better than last year's project!

And this week, I go for my road test so if I pass it, I will officially receive my driver's license! After hours of training and quickly catching on towards driving, I will become a new driver! Hopefully before Christmas, I'll have the whole thing done and ready to go.

That's all the updates I have. I don't have else to say so I'll leave it at that. You all have a good one, everyone.

Blue out.
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Hey all. Blue here. Just wanted to make a short journal and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving in the U.S. I currently have guests over as we're having a Thanksgiving party hosted in my home again this year once more. We sure got lots of food put up this year! And we're currently eating our meals, before we get ready for desert in a little while from now. Eariler this morning, I saw Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and it was their 90th annual celebration. It was definitely something special to watch!

A holiday project for 2016 is in the working! This year's theme will be the Holiday Bells theme! I got half-way done and I am expected to have 300 characters. My biggest one yet. I got over 152 characters filled in and need to get almost half left. But rest asure that I have college homework in the way due so I need to get that done as well. For those that want to be in, I asked. But for those that don't make it in this year, don't worry. Because I will do a mini project to add as addition to include those that were not in the big main piece. I will include a separate project to go with another 12 characters. I asked many people around if they wanted to be in the project. And for those that aren't aware, then you may be in for a happy holiday surprise! ;)

Some may be totally new to this. What is a holiday project? A holiday project is basically like a really big art project set up as a collage, featuring a large cast of characters from many friends as honor and appreciation. Lots of time and effort is put together and time is a thing that you will never get back, so I have to use it in the best way possible. My heart and hard-working skills are utilized to bring up these special pieces. This is my sixth annual holiday project. That's right, I am on Project 6 now. Throughout 2011 to 2015, countless amounts of people have loved what I put out there and with last year's project, probably being my most successful one yet. I am always willing to be a good friend and greeted with many loving holiday wishes. As what happened with last year, this year isn't too much of a secret Santa gift to many either, because I told so many prior and during the production. In fact, I've been working on this year's project as early as October 5th due to how many characters I gotta fill in. 2014's project was the most problematic because a few didn't like how I added them without permission (despite being a gift of joy) and some even hated how I drew their characters in my style and forbid me to draw theirs, which pissed me off. I got a crap ton of hate for that and some even blocked me. One even threatened that he was going to report the entire project for art theft despite that I didn't steal or trace.

While counting my character in, The first project in 2011 had 78 characters. The second project of 2012 was sorta the time where it got declined and only 58 characters were featured. The third project in 2013 was where it majestically got boosted by a long shot and 124 characters were included that year. The fourth project of 2014 went even higher and had 170 characters (168 was the original planned number). 2015 which features the fifth project has had the biggest number and that was a spanking amount of 206 characters (207 for a separate piece.) With each new year when new friends and supporters come, my roster seems to get bigger and bigger and I would have to plan more early and early to add more characters. Thank goodness I started this year's project in October. Because this year just might break last year's project as it's bound to have 300 characters! That's right! 300! You thought me doing the 2015 project was hard? Well, that's nothing compared to this one! 2016 was a big year where a ton of more friends came and more supporters built up.

Now, please keep in mind that I can't fit all my friends in the project due to time restraints. Also, please DO NOT re-upload the holiday art on your profile. The reason is because there's going to be a lot of people getting this art piece, and I do not wanna see the same thing being uploaded repeatedly. With last year, I think a few people re-uploaded parts of it on their profile, but this year, I don't think I should let that happen this time around. You can save the holiday project as a gift, but just don't go around re-uploading it, because if some people saw the same thing being uploaded on the front page, then there would be questions asked as in: "What the heck is going on here?!" For anyone that doesn't see their character anywhere, please do not feel bad about it. Just because you are not featured, that doesn't mean that I am not in favor of having you in interest.

I will provide an update in the future so that you will all get a bigger depth into what I'm really doing. I am almost done with my fifth college semester so hopefully, I can get the remaining of the project finished. If I was to do between 5-10 characters a day until the end, I can just about get this project finished before December 25th.

See you all later!

- Blue
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Mystical Monarchy Jack-O-Lantern by BlueMario1016
Monday night's a spooky night. Halloween comes to play once more! Lightning strikes, dragons roar and beastly wolves howl. The tricks and treats come and play. Just like last year, I didn't consider dressing up this year and I had a day in college class today where all I did was just do an in-class essay and hand in my second out-of-class essay.

Hope you all had a great, fun and safe Halloween and got lots of candy. I know we had a ton of chocolate candies to give to kids walking down our block. It's pretty late as of this journal being posted, and I did one last drawing for this month. This month really got the best of me, as I am doing my holiday project and so far, I got more than 55 characters added, on record....out of 300 characters I must fill in. It was still a regular day I suppose.

I better get back to work with my other stuff and the holiday art project. I can't really explain much as I am getting tired and had a rough day yesterday.

I'll see you guys later.

Beware of any creature lurking!

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Time for a short journal, guys. I know it's awfully late and I still got some more stuff to do, but just want to make my announcement.

Ten days after my birthday and this shining news comes out. It's half-way passed my fifth semester and five days before Halloween and I wanna let you all know that I already finished my math class today! Nearly two months later and it's already done! The tutoring really helped and it made me advance as well as other tools needed for me to help me master most of what needed to be done in order for me to succeed. I thought I would be stuck and have to withdraw from the class like how I had to, in the spring of this year. But no, I am surprised that despite the curriculum change, it was somewhat easier to finish. And I am glad that I did it! :D

Now I can try to look forward to my next math class when January comes, when I have to pre-resigter for my Spring 2017 semester classes on November 7th. In the meantime though, I can now solely focus on my English homework and since I won't need to worry on Math anymore, I will be home on the same day everyday, so I won't have to wait until the late afternoon anymore just to get home to do my work. The full day thing was the reason why a lack of art came from me throughout the month. It is also because I am already working on this year's holiday project, and further announcements will be made. It's actually been in development of production process since the 5th, earlier this month. The reason why it's being started so early is due to a large number of characters that will be featured in the project. Now, some of yous that talk to me on instant messaging have already gotten preview snapshots of the project in process. But that will change overtime as more and more build up. I calculated that if I was to do 10 characters a day, it'd be done in 30 days. But I am not sure how it's possible when other things are in the way, or I get distracted or if I am just too tired to do it on a certain day. But I will get it done eventually. I just want to let you know that as of tonight, I have already gotten 40 characters drawn in the project. I also gotta make up my remaining time by doing birthday artwork for my other friends.

That's it for now, guys. Let's celebrate for me towards passing my college math class early! :party: :cake:

Never give up and do your best. You will succeed. ;)

- Blue
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Today is my birthday! I'm turning 24! :D :iconcakeplz: :iconpresentplz: :party:

Thank you all that came to my page already and gave me birthday wishes and gifts. That means so much to me and you guys are such amazing people that I can appercicate to the core. :-)

Even though I'm turning 24 and as I mention a lot all the time, I don't really feel like I'm 24. I still feel like I'm in my teenage years. Pretty funny if you ask me. I'm definitely looking forward to what will be in store for me on this year's birthday, as I'm posting this journal this morning.

Today is also my real life twin sister's birthday and she's also turning 24. :iconwaver92:, a close friend of mine had his birthday yesterday and turned 24 on that day and I did an art piece to celebrate all our birthdays together, featuring James, Blue and Pink.
Triples 24's! Triple Celebrations! by BlueMario1016

I have not gotten a game in a long time (since Christmas of last year!), so I might consider having to get Paper Mario Color Splash for Wii U. It's bound to be so much better than Sticker Star, despite all the flak I gave to both games previously. But now, after taking a deeper look, Color Splash can triumph the game that is following.

That blue funfetti cake is something I'll definitely be having on my birthday later on as well. I can hardly wait to taste the vanilla sprinkle goodness that will be baked later on! :icondragonwant: :iconbigheartplz:

Thank you so much for the wishes that you guys have already given me. Friday night was a major disaster with what happened towards me and my family, but thanks to the support of you guys, it has quickly helped me recover faster. You are all great people and I appercicate your support and your kindness throughout all the years.

And just letting you know, the holiday project of this year has already been started in production! I already got a few characters added in, and I just might be able to go up to 300 characters this year! Anyone who wants to be in, please comment or send a note and detail your character. It can only be one. For many, I already got them written down on my list, so now's your chance to get what is left!

I'll also be glad to accept more wishes and surprises for the whole day on here today as well.

Once again, I'd like to thank you all so much for everything! Stay cool. ;)
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Just a week away from my 24th birthday! Things are really shaking up here this year.

Despite turning 24 this year, I still feel like a mid-to-late teenager or very early adult inside of me, funny enough. Even though I had said this before for years to come, but it's good to look younger than your actual age. Yes, I feel that I am just repeating myself but man, I can't really help it. Last year's birthday kinda had a really bad aftermath. But I hope this year will be an improvement.

Hopefully, this week in college won't be as hard as it was a while back. I had to study Math and English a lot. Plus, I've been getting homework done PRIOR before certain days so I need to stay on top of everything along the way.

My holiday project is already officially on pre-production status already. Some already "pre-resigtered" to be in the 2016 set, and if 2015 was a smashing hit, wait till how 2016's gonna end up. Therefore, I'm gonna be somewhat very slow with the art progress stream flow throughout the time being. It's mostly because I want to add in those that wish to be in this year's project too. I am very sorry if not much art will come out from my end until then. I have already gotten a list and so far, it seems to be that there's over 240 character entries on the sheet! Holy crap! You thought 2013, 2014 and 2015 were big? Well, that's turning out to be a lie! This one just might win by a long shot for being the biggest holiday project yet! The most richest and grandest one to date! That's why I am starting early and begun doing pre-production towards the project on exactly October 5th! And I am still going with this journal being posted! For those that are interested in wanting to be in the project, I can try to make some extra spots if possible. It's completely free and no payments or anything. But it has to be someone that I am familiar with and know of.

The first two driving lessons of mine turned out great! On my second driving lesson alone, I already drove way beyond out of my town and far into other ones. I even drove to the same town towards where my college is located and I couldn't believe that I managed to do that, with little to no problem! And on top of that, I'd normally get 2 hours as my average for my training. But here, I got 2 hours and 35 minutes paid off for that! My road test will begin on December and I think I'll ace my road test! That's a big moment for life, where I'll finally get my driver's license. Now even if I do that, I still need that extra practice to be fully capable of being an independent driver when I get older and actually start a job after getting a bachelor's degree in college. Maybe two. A lot of hard work can put a lot of effort in the end.

That's all I got for now. Be hyped for when next week comes!

Blue out.
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October begins. Today's the 4th as of this journal being posted. This is my month to shine. This college semester has been a lot tougher than last year, so I've kinda been doing less artwork. I hope you'll understand the slower pace stream of artwork coming out and being uploaded.

October 16th is my birthday and I'll be turning 24! I'm actually looking forward towards what will happen when that day comes and I look forward to all the birthday wishes. This year however, my birthday's on a Sunday, so despite not being in school, it'd be a school night. So I better be prepared for what holds. I may consider just getting a game for my birthday, as I have not gotten a new game in ages. But who knows what else I'll get. But who knows what else I'll get.

Also, it's confirmed. This year's holiday project will be Holiday Bells. I am definitely expecting lots more characters to be included for this year's project so therefore, I should start sometime Mid-October. This is my sixth annual big project where I draw a bunch of friends characters and put them all together. 2015's holiday project turned out super well in the aftermath. Not only was that my biggest one, but it was the most successful.

I am expected to draw more than 200 different characters this year, so I might need a head start. And just like last year, it will be an all digital project with no traditional art piece to come beforehand. I already confirmed some people that will be in this project, but I will need to use some sort of card system by asking others and writing their names down to see who will be in, on a sheet of paper. I am not sure which ones will be in this year's project and who might be leaving out for this year. I need to get everything organized. I also may only be able to do headshots this time around, due to the large number that I might have to do and because of the theme I chose. But hopefully, I can still pay it all off.

And also, now that I passed my driver's written test, I can now get my permit and start taking my driving lessons so wish me best of luck on that. I'll be doing so for the next five months and must have a total of 100 hours of practiced driving before I can get my license.

Alright guys, that's it for now. I'll post more in the future.

Blue out.
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13 days later after my previous journal, I've been very busy with college so I haven't been able to do much art as of recently. I am very proud to announce that we made it all the way up towards me submitting 200 art pieces alone this year of 2016! Achievement unlocked! :D
We did it! (200th submission of 2016) by BlueMario1016

Now, it's been four weeks since I have been to college. And things have been somewhat of a lot harder of this semester. This is my third year of being in a community college campus and at first, things were really rough. I misplaced my things at the beginning (the very first day even), and had fears that I may have gotten robbed. But it turns out that there were all misplaced. I mean, theft is a serious thing taken seriously and those who do that, had to be totally desperate for items that they desire. I was able to get everything back a week later, after someone brought them to the lost and found center. I am also disappointed that the curriculum has changed for my math class. So that means I had to start over from scratch and had to purchase a new math book with a new code. Man, was that expensive! Since my summer class was cancelled as it was originally planned and I did not take that, I am now in a new curriculum where I gotta start over. But the good news is that, I am catching on really fast and I am already further ahead. I am even further than last class.

Also, throughout the entire summer, I have been studying towards driving so I can get to places independently when I get older. And just last week, I was able to pass my written test! Whoo hoo! :D

Now I am ready to get my driver's permit and will begin my lessons twice a week for the next five months. A new law has been passed in my state where all citizens need to have a total of 100 hours of practice in order to obtain a license. Everyone's saying that it's a good thing, so that way, you'll fully be prepared and be completely capable of being allowed to drive responsibly without being monitored. Also, my birthday is coming very soon. I'm gonna be turning 24 on October 16th, so let's hope that my birthday will be better than last year's. My birthday had a real rough end last year where I had trouble with other people. And the other day, I tried to make a new friend with another person that I discovered a while back, only to be cut off the next day without any reason given. Why? Why is that? That's absolutely dreadful to meet someone and get together one day, then the next day you come on, the person completely cuts you off entirely! Ugh! Can't anyone explain to me this? Well, I guess that I made somewhat of a bad first impression, as I would assume. First impressions are a big step and if you make it a bad one, that only spells trouble for you. :(

Aside from all that, things have not really been too perfect for me. Aside from passing my written test, college has kept me super busy. I have been doing a lot less artwork, because I really need to pass my math class this time. But so far, I think I am about half-way done. Hopefully, I just might have it done by October or early November for the least. I am getting tutoring and the help that I need, to boost me up to pass my math class.

That's pretty much all I got for now. Hopefully, things will get better for me and I'll just manage to get passed this, this time. Gotta work hard to get that grade and pass. Later, all.

Blue out.
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15 years of hope for the Big Apple by BlueMario1016
Today marks exactly 15 years of one of the most deadliest attacks in world history. The September 11th attacks. As me and my family being Italian-Americans where me and my other siblings was actually born in the state of New York, this absolutely traumatized me and millions of others.
It was a dark and bleak September morning.
Something very unexpected was bound to happen.
Shortly afterwards, the alarms have started horning.
It shows that terror was about to ring in.

On that day, thousands of people lost their lives.
Many hearts of fallen with grief.
The victims were beloved children, husbands and beloved wives.
It was caused by monsters who had an ugly beef.

The twin towers have fallen when I was eight.
And it was done by those who had big hate.
At the time of this event, I was on my way to school.
Only to hear something that was unbelievably cruel.

Bin Laden wanted to destroy our land.
But we never gave up because we had our flag in hand.
The idea of these monsters wrecking our land entirely should never be a reality.
Nor should other nations suffer this same fate that brings something roughly.

The colors of red white and blue don't fade away.
When those around the world pray.
What happened today on the month of September?
An event for many American people to remember.

It's a depressing day for America as the alarms rang from hell.
The alarms have awaken the day that the twin towers fell.
It came from something that emerged from the middle east.
And what came to attempt to wreck our nation were vicious beasts.

In the yonder blue skies came an American eagle.
It watches over one of our troops playing a tune on his bugle, after something happened that was more than illegal.
In addition, more troops play patriotic beats on militant snare drums.
All the townsfolk gather together for a tribute hum.

Fifteen years later, we are still paying respects.
A decade in a half later, we still have memories when things were in wreck.
We never forget how this saddens our hearts.
But we'll also never forget that it still wouldn't entirely slice us apart.

Me and my family are of Italian-Americans.
But this still makes us completely sadden.
I just close my eyes and want to pray.
But my mind doesn't suggest me to what I can say.

There are no words to explain.
There are no words to ease this pain.
To all those lives today from 15 years that have ceased,
May your souls instantly rest in peace.

Similar to what happened to Pearl Harbor many years ago,
Many have been ceased with one fatal blow.
The heroes chosen to protect our nation were the best.
And for that, our nation's pride is complete devout.

Justice, freedom, courage and teamwork are four key things of a hero.
With those elements, legit evil can be brought down to zero.
And to this day, the stars and stripes still fly far and wide.
And we must also retain our pride.

If our flag is demolished, it makes me think of the nation I was born in.
On this devastating day of September, it is a scene to remember.
The state of the Big Apple is where me and my siblings were born.
But even that said, the state along with the others, should never be torn.

And for that said, we'll remember our national protagonists.
Who fought and protected our citizens from antagonists.
Let's keep our special heroes in our memory to who lost their lives that day.
We'll honor them with our symbolized flags of old glory and for the families, we will pray!
15 years later, we should still never forget any of this. All loved ones, our heroes and everyone else devastatingly effected by those horrific terror attacks should remain in consideration of thought. For our future, we must do what we can to encourage everyone to keep the world safe from the likes of these bloodthristy brutes that dare to harm those that did nothing wrong. Down with discrimination and down with terrorists!
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Community College Career Semester 5 Real Start by BlueMario1016
It's been over two weeks since of writing another journal. It's time for one more journal of this month. I will get this out of the way with some stuff to be announced. This month alone has been very busy and I certainly went to places there and back. I visited Florida and had fun at a convention, and they will be having it again next year at a different hotel, which I look forward to going back towards, for next summer when it comes.

Tomorrow, I will be heading back to college. And I actually will be starting my fifth semester. For real, this time. No nonsense for this case. The 31st of August is when I go back.

I need to resume my Math class that I had to drop out from my fourth semester back earlier this year. I was supposed to continue it, during a month throughout the summer. But due to low enrollment, that was cancelled. But I am for sure aware that I will head back for real. I was kind of shocked to see that I was scheduled to head back on an August, when normally, I'd usually go back on September. At least where I live, most schools start in September. Even more surprising is that, I start even before Labor day weekend begins. It's kind of an awkward start. But hey, I can't complain much about that. I busted my guts throughout the first four semesters and managed to pass through the classes, whereis the Math class I will need to do again once I get back in and begin. Hopefully, they will let me pick up where I withdrew previously. But I better be on my toes when I head back home, because I'd have to get straight onto studying.

I also need to let you know that I will be taking an English and a Math class, where is the former has two different rooms that it takes place. So it's back with the three class setup again, and I go four days a week. Very similar to my third semester, which was the Fall of 2015. But here's a twist. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I'll be home later in the afternoon. But on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'll be home much earlier. Well, I am glad that I'll be home earlier on two days, but for the other days, that's actually a first that I go home later. Like my grade school days. On the sidenote, I can use Mondays and Wednesdays as tactics to go through tutoring for Math. That way, I'll be able to finish and pass the class.

I will appercicate your best wishes given towards me when I start. Please be sure to do that. I thank you all to those who have me in their thoughts and having the desire to be aware of what is the best for me to go do. I sincerely thank you all to my friends and supporters who have came and stayed throughout years to come. I love all of you, guys! Together, we only get more stronger and bigger.

Blue out.
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